Keep preferences of a Native Android / IOS submited to the stores after doing an update from an Ionic v2 app


Hi everyone. Sorry for my English.

I have a doubt about User Preferences… I have an app submited to PlayStore and AppStore, these where made using native code (Java and Obj-C), I want update those apps with a Ionic v2 app… I solve the problem of versions but now i need to know if is possible access to the previous “SharedPreference” or “NSUserDefaults” when the an Native app is updated with an Ionic app code. I tried doing a fetch using the “App Preferences” plugin for cordova but its always return null or blank, I am sure that i’m using the same name for keys that was in my Native apps,

Is posible access to the previous preference user data after overwrite the native app with an Ionic app?

I hope it can be posible.
Thanks for your help.


Is it possible the plugin is “namespacing” its values somehow?