Application not working properly when installed with APK


I developed an application with ionic for android and i tested it on an android device using “ionic run android” command.
The application is working great, i can make phone calls from it and use the camera.

My problem is that i recently installed the application on a new android device with its APK. I never ran this device on debug mode and i never used “ionic run android” with this device. The application is well installed, it starts and everything seems ok until i try to make a phone call or to take a picture with the camera.

The dialer doesn’t show up, nothing happens and the camera seems to crash after taking the photo.

The two phones are identical so the only difference is that i used one in debug mode and i installed the application thanks to ionic commands whereas on the other i installed an APK…

Do you have any idea where the problem comes from ? Am i missing something ?

Thanks !!

i have also same issue

I solved my problem !

The APK has to contain android certificates that allows the application to access to the camera, phone…
The procedure is described here :

When installing the application with “ionic run android”, we don’t need the certificates…

Hope it helps

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