Apple rejecting app because it is looking at old build

Boy - what fun it is trying to get the app approved by Apple.

Apple rejected the app because I did not change the default message referring to microphone usage (build no 9).
So I change the version number, the plist and uploading a new build (number 10). Changed the version number on the iTunes page and did another submit. Apple rejected the app again because it keeps looking at the old version and not the latest.

How do I tell Apple which version to use - I can’t see any obvious solution on the iTunes page.

Go into the config.xml and look for the

<widget id="com.appname" version="0.0.1" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">

Change the version number. Also don’t forget to change the build version number within Xcode to match config.xml version number. then Rebuild again in Xcode and try again. this should solve your problem.

Thanks for the reply @mikrochipkid - that is what I did - but Apple keeps looking at the old build. I have asked in the Resolution Center how to resolve this - still awaiting a reply.

Found the solution - it might help someone else in the future.

In the review page (the one which has the screenshots) there is a build heading - if there is a red dot against the build you can click on it and this allows you to select which build to submit.

I guess it is a bad example of web page design - functionality should be clear and not hidden behind a small red dot.

Example of page: note you have to click on the date: