Should I check app version for ios?

Now I have developed an app about trading, so I want users’ apps are always newest in case of bugs. But I have heard that App Store was not permit app’s version check. Some ideas? Thx!

Hi, we used a backend solution.
On application startup, I load some data from database, including the current production version number.
If the version number we get is different from the device version number, we display a popup linking to the store if the customer accepts.

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Thank you for replying. What you mean is that get current production version number through contacting with backend server? My solution is like as yours, but Apple Store reject my app because of Your app includes an update button or alerts the user to update the app. To avoid user confusion, app version updates must utilize the iOS built-in update mechanism.

Whenever we decide to update the application, we update a config file on our server which will provide us the target version number through a service.
In order to update the application, I just use a link to the store, and it wasn’t rejected by Apple.
In order to open the store, I use :'','_system');

Thank u very much for replying so quickly. Yeah, I’ll try your solution as soon as possible.

Just a note, the lang, app, and id have to be changed , just go on the store to get your url

Haha, appreciate for your careful consideration.