Apple no longer accepts apps without Sign in with Apple

I just submitted an app built with Ionic Capacitor and it got rejected because they no longer accept new apps that are using third-party login methods without theirs.

I was wondering, does anyone has found a solution for this?

I know that for old apps the deadline is April 2020 (, but still…

Thanks for the warning

Gone away to install

A tip if you’re using Cordova: I already tried the plugin that you’ve mentioned, but it did not work. Instead, I used for the Cordova platform.

I guess you’re using Ionic and they might be still on Cordova, but probably they’ll switch to Vue+Capacitor in the future, since Cordova is currently very buggy and Angular+Cordova isn’t very web-friendly.

Anyway, an option for Capacitor is Firebase and OAuth, but Firebase’s instructions wasn’t very clear, and I did not make it work with the OAuth.

So I’ll probably make my own Capacitor plugin for the sign flow.

Good luck!

Oh, thanks :slight_smile:

I tried to understand and compare all of these new things - firebase, cordova/capasitor, angular/react/vue, even ionic/vue-native/expo/react-native/NativeScript and maybe I’ve missed smtg

Finally I use ionic/angular/cordova because this way I could build the app for android and web platforms
I made Google auth directly, without firebase, but it fails on web platform (it seems I set wrong web client id)

Firebase looks like the 5th wheel, I don’t think I need it
Capacitor raises some errors on standard instructions
Vue “coming soon” - isn’t supported by ionic yet
React as added recently and has strange syntax

So angular/cordova looks most friendly to me
I have experience with Vue.js - it’s close to angular

Regarding expo and vue-native - cool things, but web platform is not supported
Finally, ionic/angular/cordova seem to be the most stable and friendly

BTW, the following plugin works well for Google OAuth:

If you’re using Ionic, I completelly agree! Ionic doesn’t support Vue and Capacitor fully yet. “Angular/Ionic/Cordova” and “Vue/Bootstrap/Capacitor” are the best options for now, but the Vue needs a few CSS tricks which I’ve stolen from Ionic, lol. I decided to use Vue exactly for the Browser platform - I’m building an app which will hopefully used by thousands, so I couldn’t afford the 500kb production size of Angular (Vue is 100kb and is having the same features).

About the authorisation methods, I recommend you to use:

Or of course just use the Firebase implementation, if you don’t want to include so much of the SDKs (some of their login methods don’t require). They have 10,000 free monthly SMS verifications also.

What is “Vue/Bootstrap/Capacitor”? It sounds like some alternative of ionic/angular/cordova :slight_smile:

Very interesting

I’m only at the start point of my mobile app project so I still can choose the framework
My goal is to get all 3 (ios/android/web) apps from the same codebase using any way
Which framework is the most modern, popular and stable from your point of view?

This site is cool but unlucky a bit, it allows to send not more than 1 message per every 15 minutes

I’m also available on Slack:

I guess you could find me here:

Thanks for your help, I will use these plugins (if won’t move to other framework) :slight_smile:

Hi, i am stock with this implementation. Could you please share some example of your code?
I am following the instructions of the plugin, but it does nothing. I will appreciate it alot.

There is a nice tutorial in Medium for this… although it’s webapp, but perhaps it can inspire you :slight_smile: