Sign in with Apple

Is there any plugin to implement “Sign in with Apple”? Apple not verify my app and I have not found information how to implement it. I use angularx-social-login and an API REST for Google and Facebook login but it is not for Apple login…

You can use firebase if it’s for a webapp…

I try lot finally it’s works for me.

declare var cordova: any; //Add this line right below the imports


return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        requestedScopes: [0, 1] 
    }, (succ) => { 
        // If you want to use firebase then use below
        var provider = new firebase.auth.OAuthProvider('').credential(succ.identityToken);
        this.afAuth.auth.signinWithCredential(provider).then(result => {
        }).catch( error => {
            reject( error.message || error );
        // If you want your own auth validation method you can add it here.
    },(err) => { // changed here too, for consistence
        reject("Apple login failed");