Appflow ionic Build for Android

Build Error In Ionic Appflow Build, Linux Version 2021.0.9

/usr/local/bundle/bin/fastlane: \e[31m[!] Shell command exited with exit status 1 instead of 0. (FastlaneCore::Interface::FastlaneShellError)

You have been opted out of telemetry. To change this, run: cordova telemetry on.
Using cordova-fetch for cordova-android@8.1.0
Platform android already added.

I have added Cordova Telemetry on on package.json,

“scripts”: {
“start”: “ionic-app-scripts serve”,
“clean”: “ionic-app-scripts clean”,
“build”: “ionic-app-scripts build”,
“lint”: “ionic-app-scripts lint”,
“appflow:build”: “cordova telemetry on”