App version displayed differently than in config.xml file

I have been manually incrementing my app for the meantime in the config.xml file and for some reason after I installed the ionic pro package the app version is showing a completely different version. My version shows 0.3.7 in the config.xml, but the app is displaying 1.0.2.

I know it has something to do with Ionic Pro and live updates, but I’m not 100% sure where it is at and what steps I need to take to improve my overall process.

Are you changing the version number in the package.json file too?

Yes, The version number is the same in package.json and package-lock.json.

2018-09-07 09:58:39.Returning saved prefs: {
    appId = "appID";
    binaryVersion = "0.4.2";
    binaryVersionCode = "0.4.2";
    binaryVersionName = "0.4.2";
    channel = Master;
    currentVersionId = "a5dcd361-2269-4055-877a-e9bd16c9bb69";
    debug = true;
    host = "";
    maxVersions = 2;
    minBackgroundDuration = 30;
    updateMethod = background;
    updates =     {
        "" =         {
            binaryVersion = "0.3.7";
            channel = Master;
            lastUsed = "2018-09-06T21:54:11.394Z";
            state = ready;
            versionId = "a5dcd361-2269-4055-877a-e9bd16c9bb69";

So thats what shows up in the Xcode console once built for iOS, but App Version still shows up blank in App.

So just for clarification, The App Version only shows up on the ion dev app when I’m running my local host, however the app version is completely different than what I posted. When the app is built, it shows up blank.