App uses old deployed code and won't update to new one

For example, I deployed code with maximum version of 0.9.61. App itself has cordova-plugin-ionic with update method background.

Now I uploaded new version 0.9.62 to google play, but users who download it, won’t get 0.9.62 updates, but still have code deployed from 0.9.61.

Output from checkForUpdate:

Output from getAvailableVersions:

Output from getConfiguration:

From this I see that version id with 0.9.62 is same as 0.9.61 and this might be the case.
Also when starting app, I get log:

Current: versionCode: 9620 versionName: 0.9.62
update: versionCode: 9610 versionName: 0.9.61
Already running version 3c278841-a862-4dd0-9188-9dd7acf76166

Did I get something wrong? Or why 0.9.61 persists after 0.9.62 “manual” update?

Did you update the chanel in Ionic?

Push your branch (master or production) and deploy to the production chanel or the chanel what is configurated in your app.

No. Should I?

If i do that, do users download new version only from there? And after update from google play, they won’t get new version immediately (as my update method is background)?

Also, working this way, it would use my live deploy count pretty fast.

They dowloading the old version, even if they have the latest instaled because the app is listening the latest verision on the chanel, if you update the chanel the users can update from ionic, i think that thats is the idea, update the chanels instead upload new version to the stores.