App stuck on splash screen on ios 16+ because of WKWebViewEngine

I have an application runs on cordova-ios@5.1.1. Running the app on iOS 16+, it freezes on the splash screen without any error/warning log on xcode and safari doesn’t recognize it to see the js log.
During the tests, I’ve found that the problem caused by WKWebViewEngine. If I remove it, the freezing is gone.
I’ve tried to upgrade to cordova-ios@6.x, but as the WKWebViewEngine is integrated with the lib’s core, the problem persists.

Anyone has any ideia on how to proceed?

I am assuming you created this issue over on the Cordova iOS repo? You will probably have better luck over there since most of us here use Capacitor these days :grin:

It’s from a teammate, but yes, it’s the same issue. We are gathering all the help we can get :sweat_smile: