iOS 13 ipad simulator hangs after splash screen

I went to publish an update of my app to the app store and they said it hangs on iOS 13 ipad. I investigated in the simulator and this was true. I am getting no errors in Xcode or Safari when I debug. It works on Iphone ios 13 and android fine. I tried updating cordova-splashscreen to 6.0 to no avail. I have been looking for about a week at causes and I am stumped. I have not found anything specific to iOS 13 and Ipad causing a hang. Does anyone have any ideas?

Are you targeting iPads or just phones?

I am targeting both.

We had an issue with iPad on iOS13 when using wkWebview. It was because in iOS13 iPads run in desktop mode rather than mobile mode. We use updated to cordova ios 6.1.1 and using this you can add a preference in config.xml for ios :
This resoved the issue for us.

I think I had an plugin version conflict when I tried 6.1.1, but I will try again. Thanks @skiffington