IPV6 not supported on Ionic Cloud

I tested the compliance on IPV6 of ionic cloud service url: api.ionic.io
and it semmes it is not supported.
If this was actual it make the ionic cloud service useless since the apps aren’t accepted from Apple.

I tested here: http://ipv6-test.com/

I have just done the same compliance tests and found the same issues. They are on heroku/aws. I’m a little blown away since they blogged about the IPv6 changes months ago.

OK all of you had the same rejection from Apple, I can tell you that:

  • The IPV6 compatibility is required for App ONLY!
  • My ionic cordova app PASSED! it use:
    • $http angular sercives
    • $resource angular service
    • codovaFileUpload plugin
      It does NOT USE any ip hard coded.

Hope this will make happy someone :slight_smile: