App preferences with ngCordova

Hi guys. I have to implement feature where user can set splash screen time delay. I set preference ‘SplashScreenDelay’ for app and I thought Ionic will now read new value from it for the splash screen delay, but nothing happens.

I installed preference plugin and ngCordova,
included ngCordova <script src="lib/ngCordova/dist/ng-cordova.min.js"></script> and angular.module('starter', ['ionic', 'ngCordova'].

On on-touch event I get value from Ionic range:

$scope.saveSplashScreenPreference = function() {
   $cordovaPreferences.set('SplashScreenDelay', $scope.splashScreenLength*1000);


The result is that time delay isn’t changed. Has someone had something like this? Thanks for help.

You have to include ng-cordova.js (not ng-cordova.min.js) and use method