App not Properly Loaded after installing Capacitor-community / sqlite

Hey there,

I switched to capacitor-community/ sqlite from Cordova SQLite, I also followed the doc on how to use the plugin but after running ionic serve nothing appears in the browsers (screenshot below) but when I revert changes the apps loads properly.

I need pointers please…super stuck here. I switched because the gives errors on iOS. In iOS, I get a build error “Missing objc_arc feature” in SQLitePlugin.m

But the focus now is on getting the Capacitor SQLite to works. Thanks

Can you provide public access to a minimal repository that reproduces the problem?

SQLite doesn’t run on the web, so just FYI if you’re running ionic serve. As @rapropos mentioned, more details would be helpful. Any errors displayed in the console?

Yes i know it doesn’t work on the web. I already tested on emulator and mobile. The problem still persist.