App is reloading on windows device when tap on App Icon

I have created the Windows app using Ionic and its working fine.

Inside the the app I am reloading some hosted pages using Location.href like (Location.href=‘’)

which is also working fine and showing hosted pages inside windows app.

But the the problem is that if I press the device home button then app goes to background and if I tap agian on app icon then whole app is restarting.

Is anyone have any idea how can I stop reloading the if app is already running in background/foreground

I know in android and iPhone it does not reload its something need to do in windows.

MM hello chak

Not to say your code is fully deprecated, but now the stable release is in Ionic 2. Ionic 3 coming.
I doubt they maintain ionic 1 library…

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Thanks for replying.

I am using Ionic 2 only and app is working fine.

But the problem is the App reloads if I tap the app icon again.

It should just bring the app on top after pressing the App Icon.

if you use ionic 2 now

try again please
ionic platform build android
ionic build android
ionic run android (if you have a driver for os)

this should regen your past build, and run it from smathphone usb connected

As I clearly mentioned, My app is working fine in Android ,iPhone and Windows as well.

but in Windows it reload automatically when I tap the App Icon.

It should open the app as it is as it was running in background.

I hope you got it now.

Then you selected the wrong category (“ionic-v1”) - I fixed this for you.

Is this relevant to the problem in any way? Does the problem go away if you do not do this?[quote=“chakraveer, post:1, topic:89009”]
its something need to do in windows.

What kind of Windows are we talking about here? Phone? 10 Phone? How did you build the app for Windows?

I created windows app using Ionic 2 Template by adding it in Visual Studio and able to deploy succesfully in Windows 10 Mobile, Emulator and as well I tested in my Windows 10 desktop machine.

There is no problem running the app in windows mobile device it’s all fine even plugins also working fine.

But when I press the device home button then app goes back into background after then if I want to see the app again then if I tap on App Icon then it restart the whole app instead of just showing the same page which was already open in the app.

If I don’t load server hosted pages inside Windows App then everything works fine.