Android App Resets When In Background

I’m currently running into an issue where if my app is in the background for a while (anywhere from a few hours to a day) when I reopen it from the recents apps list it resets to the home page. Is this a “yet to be implemented” issue or an expected behavior that I have to handle manually? I’m new to mobile development so I’m not familiar with how the OS handles apps kept in the background (or how that behavior differs between Android and iOS, I’ve only worked with Android so far). If there’s a way to help Ionic maintain app state between sessions I’d love to know.

I appreciate any help.

After doing some more research I came across this issue where some of the devs elaborate that this is something that’s normal for app development. It looks like this is something I’ll have to handle internal to my app.

Update: I’ve started investigation of this issue in another thread: Saving And Restoring Navigation Stack (And Other App State) Between Sessions