App is now working in android 9

I have created debug apk but not working in android 9.

I have tried creating network_security_config file and updated code given
Sample code but not working.

The actual issue is not able to get data from http API.
In debugging I am getting Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED
Please help

Simple Google search suggest configuring config.xml a bit…

Tried all the solutions suggested in the article. But the issue not resolved for me. Should we remove platform and add again?

that never hurts after a confusing run of testing…

I tried removing and adding platform also… Still getting same error… “response with status 0 for url null” . If you have any solution in mind, pls help

I dont know the size of the project but normally when in despair I would create a new minimal project (only ionic start, no extra plugins), get it to work in the apk, add the suspicious code (only the bare essence) and then see if it works. Then gradually build it up while testing (or tear down until it works)

Sometimes it is better to work up from something that continuous to work then to work down trying to find an error in a large code base

New separate projects provide a lab setting