App groups are not working after deployment on test flight

I am working on an ionic iOS application. I have a shared extension in the application, to share information between ionic application and my iOS shared extension I have been using app groups to retrieve the values.

The application works fine when i install from xcode on device although when I deployed the application on test flight the app groups are not working.

I have the distribution certificate with enabled app groups. All the other configuration looks fine as this is working fine when I install from xcode.

There is another similar question asked although I did not see any answers for the same.

iOS Share Extension not working after deploy

When ionic app is created the entitlement needs to be added separately, adding entitlement in both main and shared extension app will have to edited in the build settings as well. Under code signing entitlements release need to add the entitlement file location.

The issue was by default the entitlement file is not provided by ionic when you use the shared extension or app group information sharing.