Adding "Simple Sharing" to an app?

This is not adding a sharing button, this is adding the ability for other apps to pick up your app and share with it.

See here:

I’m not sure if this exists in iOS, but it’s a staple in Android.

The easy way to explain it is you give your app the ability to be “seen” by other apps. E.g. If you open Twitter and share you can “share via…” and you’ll get a big modal with loads of apps you can share to. These are not integrated into Twitter, but are a general sharing pool.

I’ve a client with a browser extension and I’d like to build an app that allows for sharing to this extension from within other apps.

Anyone have any idea how this is done in Ionic? Preferably Ionic 4…

Hi @SubEffect,

This can be done with the Web Intent plugin on Android, but unfortunately, you will have to code a native Share Extension for iOS. This share extension works as a separate target inside your main app, and since it has to be coded in Swift or Objective C, is not supported from Cordova.


If you interested ,Please try Social Sharing plugin in ionic 3.For any more details wants follow the given link.

May be it will work.Please try it.