App file size is big after production build

Hello everyone. I have recently made a new Test Flight build and Compressed File Size is 50MB. I built the app with ionic cordova build ios --prod --release command. Important to note is that my previous builds are made with ionic cordova prepare ios command and file size is just 25MB. So production builds doubles application size instead of reducing it.

Ionic CLI : 5.4.4
Ionic Framewor: @ionic/angular 4.5.0
@angular-devkit/build-angular : 0.13.8
@angular-devkit/schematics : 7.2.4
@angular/cli: 7.3.8
@ionic/angular-toolkit: 1.4.1

Have anyone experienced the same issue.
Thanks in advance.

Deleting www folder before doing release build should do the trick.

if i delete www on root app folder and then i build, www folder will be re-filled

That’s totally fine, it will be refilled with your necessary production build data and not debug ones.