App doesn't work anymore after Ionic CLI update


I made an Ionic CLI update 2 days ago. Before this update, my application works well, but now I did that, all the ionic elements (like ionic tags) and ionic modules (like ngCordova, …) doesn’t work anymore. I tried to uninstall and install the version I had before this update (so the 3.13.0), I tried to create a new project and put my www folder in the new project, but the problem still be there. Does anyone know how to solve that ?

Thank you for your answers


npm install --save --save-exact ionic@3.13.0

To return back to 3.13.0 and check if your app works again.

I had the same problem and I found the solution at this post Android build broken after gradle dependencies update. Check it!

I already did that but this didn’t solve the problem :confused:

On Android Studio you have to update SDK Manager to Android Api Level 26 (Android 8.0)!!

Can you provide some more information?

  • What is not working?

  • What errors are showing up?

Thanks in advance

Thank you, I will check that. I can’t test now because I’m not at my office, but I’ll test tomorrow ! I saw your second post too : I’m using Apache cordova and the application will be deploy on android tablets with android 5.1.1 minimum.

I don’t think it’s the gradle dependencies as a fix.
Probably something else.

For tomorrow provide your errors so we can help you further.

Yes no problem :

So, I developp this application with Apache Cordova and Ionic. I had Ionic 3.13.0. But I did an update to the 3.15.2. Before this update, my application worked well. But now, all the components like <ion-header-bar> or <ion-toggle> for example don’t appear anymore on the application. Also, the ng directives don’t work anymore.

There are no errors displayed when I run the command : ionic serve --lab.

I already tried the command you show me in the previous answer. I also uninstalled NodeJS, npm, ionic and reinstall all. But this changed nothing.

Are you working with a versioning system?
Maybe you can just do a rollback to the older version when the app was working.

Things you can do

  • Reinstall ionic
  • Remove platforms, add them again
  • Remove node_modules and run npm install again
  • Check your dependencies if they are supported by the ionic version

Let me know.

I don’t use a versioning system, and I only have a save of the www folder and not one for the full project.
I’ll try this tomorrow, and I’ll write you at this moment. Thank you for your answers.

Start with versioning system like GIT (Bitbucket or something) from tomorrow. It will help you a lot.

Good morning,

I tried to reinstall Ionic, I also removed the android platform and add this platform again, but this changed nothing. How can check if my dependencies are supported by this Ionic version ?

I finally found the solution. I don’t know why it happened at the same moment as the update, but I just had to change the browser (from Firefox to Chrome) xD Thanks for your help ! I can work again xD