App crash with iphone new update 12.2

hi every one ,
i have an app on app store when ios release new update (12.2) the app crash in all phones with this version of system, so can u help me to solve this issue

Have you tried to soft reset or force restart your iPhone? If not, please do it. Sometimes, restarting iPhone can recover some minor bugs with iPhone. But before doing this you need to figure out whether it is the app problem or the iPhone system problem. If there are some problems with the app, you can uninstall it and reinstall. Or if the latter problem results in app crash with iPhone, there may be something wrong with your device. Now, you can restart the iPhone to fix this issue. Also, you are able to restore your iPhone after backup. When these ways fail to function, maybe you need an iOS system repair tool like Joyoshare UltFix to repair without damaging any data. Wish this can help you.

no it was a system error i did all these steps before i asked i fix the error with this :slight_smile:

If it’s a system error, you can try using iTunes or TunesKit iOS system repair tool to fix it. The big difference between the two methods is that using iTunes will erase all the data on your iPhone; TunesKit will help you repair the system error without losing any data on the device. If you care about your data, just take it for a try.