Ionic app crashing on iOS, available in recently used apps



Working on an app.

Local Ionic version: 1.3.1

The app works fine on android.

On iOS, the app can work fine for some time (several days), but then immediately exits on launch, but is viewable on the recently used apps screen, though can’t be launched from there.

Any help appreciated.


Try updating ionic and cordova


Thanks for the response.

I’ve updated cordova, how do I update the local version of ionic?


create a new project
npm install -g ionic

npm install -g cordova

The latest cordova is 6.5.0 and ionic is 2.2.1


Thanks again,

i’ve got the latest version of ionic and cordova. Is it possible to update the version of ionic in the app, or do I create a new project and move the www folder?


i would suggest creating a new project.


and add those cordova plugins again