App calling working on Browser but not on phone

Hey there!

I want to have a fixed button for calling in my Ionic app. So I added this code to try and see which one would successfully trigger a phone call:

<a ion-button href="tel:+123-456-789" >Call me 1</a>
<a ion-button href="tel:+123#456-789" >Call me 2</a>
<a ion-button href="tel:+123*456-789" >Call me 3</a>
<a ion-button href="tel:+123 call" >Call me 4</a>
<a ion-button href="tel:123 456 789" >Call me 5</a>

Call 1, 2 and 3 are working in the browser (it makes my mac wanting to open FaceTime), Call 4 and 5 are not working in the browser.

However, if I emulate iOS the call is not triggered by any buttons. If I serve with phonegap same thing.

I’m new to Ionic so maybe I missed a crucial step!


Hey Pierre!

In my case it also doesn’t work while emulating on iOS but it’s working very well in browser and on a device (iOS 10.2). I did it the following way:

<a href="tel:0000-123456">Test Call</a>

I think you did everything right, the problem is the emulator. If it’s possible test it on a device. Otherwise check if <allow-intent href="tel:*"/> is set in your config.xml.


Hi Andre,

That is what I was thinking (that it would work on device) and now everything is ok!

Thanks for you reply,