Phone calls from ng-href="" link doesnt work on ios and android device


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Hey man,

I had success making it work on both IOS and Android. Simply with this :

<a href="tel:+0123456789">


<access origin="tel:*" launch-external="yes"/>

Since you did it well, I would suggest you to try it without ng-href see if a simple href works already, if it does that may help you figure out where is the issue. Good luck…


Hey @JerryBels! did you got it to work on real devices? because it works fine on an android emulator like genymotion.



yes, of course, I wouldn’t have answered if it wasn’t the case :slight_smile: It works on a Nexus 5, a Oneplus One and an Iphone 5 at least. Those are the ones I tested on.

Have you tried regular href and static phone number in place of ng-href ?


I had a similar problem in that the phonepad wasn’t coming up on iOS devices. I tried all the suggestions here and I was still unsuccessful. The answer lied in swapping ng-href for href as suggested and adding
<allow-intent href="tel:*" /> to the config.xml. Hopefully helpful to someone else

Cordova Version: 6.4.0
Ionic Version: 2.1.18