App blanks out (blinks to a black screen) when restarting after a while

Since I upgradted to the latest nightly version of Ionic, I am seeming some weird behavior when the app starts. Apps loads up fine the first time, but after a few hours or not using it, it blanks out when I try to bring up the app again.

I am not quite sure where to start looking, but I have a feeling that it may have something to do with the InAppBrowser? I have a Facebook login button on the first screen that would bring up the InAppBrowser, but really I am not sure if this is it.

Any clues?

After doing some research, I realized this problem may have been because my main state had only an ion-nav-view element and nothing else:

<ion-nav-view name="homeContent"></ion-nav-view>

After adding an empty ion-view tag to the page <ion-view></ion-view> as one user had suggested, the screen is not blacking out as often, but it’s still doing it every now and then.

Everything works fine when testing on the browser.

Wondering if it’s trying to load the view when the app starts and it somehow is not able to load it. I can see the screen “blinking” for a moment and then going to a black screen. And if I just close and reopen the app again, it sometimes loads up the UI normally.

I also noticed that the screen going blank thing happens usually a few hours after I last used the app.

Spent a lot of hours creating a nice app, but can’t release it to the play store if it’s not going to open up consistently. Any help to hunt the issue down would be appreciated.

All of this happens only with the latest nightly build. If I load up one of my older apks, things work normally.

Someone at StackOverflow thinks that it may be that the Resources are not available yet when the app loads, and suggested that adding a splash screen might help. However, the app actually loads up fine the first time after installing. Usually goes to the blank state if I try to reopen the app after not using it for a few hours. Again, any direction would be appreciated. Could it be something to do with the way I am using the UI Router?