App Auto Update with ionic , any ideas?

First of all i want to thank ionic team for this fascinating framework :smile:
Any ideas of how to implement the auto-update feature in hybrid apps, i know that the html and javascript files are already cached inside my apk or ipa packages but is there a way to go through them and decide that this file need to be retrieved from the server rather than native from the apk something similar to the cache.manifest file which i could use in my mobile guessing that i can’t use the cache.manifest file as the files are already cached inside the apk and cache manifest can’t do somthing about it .
to get the story short i need to implement the feature the same as the worklight and adobe phonegap build folks did

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Are you talking about at Development time or when the app is live in the app store?

During Development I use Telerik AppBuilder to push new builds to my devices

We use Hockeyapp to push updates to our testers.
I live App Store you can’t update the web app directly. You have to push a new version to the app store, and wait for the vendor to review your update (apple, google etc). Any built in auto update feature will cause your app to not pass the review process.

This is not necessarily true.
There are a number of implementation of self updating apps, ie. Reading app files from remote location

Apple allow provided you dont dramatically change the app

See for one example


See Topic

No i mean when the app is live as the company will never approve to re upload the app to different stores

@Evanoin I think this could be done as i already implemented the same concept with ibm worklight for a banking application which we was developing but actually now we will not develop over ibm worklight

just gonna leave this here…