Api calls Not working in Android 10(targetSdkVersion 29)

I am working on ionc v3 previously API calls working fine in AndroidTargetSdkVersion 28 and android 10 mobiles. But now i upgarede to AndroidTargetSdkVersion to 29 because of playstore new policy. After upgrade to 29 my Api calls not working in android version 10 mobiles. If i am using AndroidTargetSdkVersion 28 its working in Android 10 mobiles also But got issue only AndroidTargetSdkVersion 29. Please Help me.

config.xml :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> localhost

If the API calls that you are using is HTTP and not HTTPS, there might be a problem with Cleartext HTTP traffic permission. Check if this helps. Also, please post what you find in Console while debugging the app at the point where the API is being called. If your app is a debug build, you can very well debug your app while it is running in your Android device. See this.