Anyone using Ionic with Couchbase Lite?

So far, its been very frustrating with poor docs and lack of any support. Im hoping there are other Couchbase Lite users so we can share hints/tips/help.

I’ve never used couchbase before, but they have provided a phonegap starter project that could be helpful,

Yeah, I love the fact that a lot of their documentation have broken links - this is great if you want to click around in circles :slight_smile: After about a week of posting on their forums, their Google Group and tweeting at Couchbase developers developers directly, I finally got one reply today which got me at least moving in the right direction so we can at troubleshoot the issue. Our app works on Android but not on iOS.

(Maybe it would have been easier to build a small version of MongoDB and write a JNI bridge! :smile:

Sorry to tack onto this thread so late, but I wanted to add some input so no one is left with a bad taste.

This is a valid tutorial for using Couchbase Lite in your Ionic Framework application.



Just as an update from 6 months ago: we are successfully using Couchbase Lite with our app (both Android and iOS). We plan to submit to the app stores in about a week (fingers crossed!). Most of the data that the app gets is through built-in syncing with the Couchbase Mobile Gateway. (which in turn talks to a cluster of Couchbase servers). All of this is running on AWS alongside our API server (which we also built for the app).

Hey @eno,

Link us to the application when you release it. I’d like to track you as a success story with the plugin :smile:


Sure. We are getting close to app store submission. We switched over to a completely event-driven, mostly pull update mechanism for database syncs now so its pretty efficient.

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FYI I’m at the Couchbase Live NY event today :wink:

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Hi, @eno did you guys host couchbase server and sync gateway on VPS? Do you know whether there’s a couchbase server as a service?

I think I mentioned above - the Couchbase Mobile Gateway and Couchbase servers are running on AWS. There’s probably an AMI you can pickup and use (or use a Docker image to deploy elsewhere). @nicraboy wrote a post a few months ago about setting up Couchbase on Digital Ocean.

Just thought I would update you with app store links :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing what you built with Couchbase @eno!

Anyone is using Couchbase Lite with Ionic v2 / Typescript?
I’m trying with but could not make it work yet.

Getting errors such as
Error in Success callbackId: CBLite36164785 : ReferenceError: URI is not defined

Any idea?

Can I ask if you have used community version or enterprise version ? I am currently in between deciding on which one to go far.