Anybody use ng-cordova file plugin?

Hey guy, is anybody use ng-cordova File plugin ?
I’ve an issue to check a file with this plugin on Android, I can’t find the path of my folder “www” in the documentation of the plugin.
It’s work really well on IOS with cordova.file.applicationDirectory + ‘www’ but it seems to be different on Android.
Have you an idea ?

I use


As it’s prominent across iOS and Android for storing and reading.



Is also prominent across both platforms.


The above link also shows you the directory routing so if you want to store files in the right directory it should help you.

The link show you properly how to access to www folder on IOS but not showing how to access on Android …
That’s my issue. I access to www folder well on IOS with cordova.file.applicationDirectory+'www' as it said on the doc pages but I’m not able to access it in the same way with Android.

Anyway thanks for your answer :wink: