Any way to test App for ios/ipad on windows?


I can check for android (on windows) using emulators. But is there any way to test for simulators (on windows)? Thanks in advance.


Chrome devtools provide in-browser device emulations to test responsive websites on different device screens. If you want real time environment then you can use android emulators e.g. default one that comes with Android SDK , Genymotion etc.


To have an iOS simulator, you’d need the iOS SDK, which is only available on a Mac I’m afraid


I’m running OS X Yosemite in a VMware machine. Works great to compile, test and upload my apps.


Thanks. No worries :wink:


There’s also the infamous ARChon


I want for iOS. For android we already have AVD emulators.


Thanks for clarifying that you absolutely require iOS and that Android is not an adequate “simulator” :slight_smile: So yes, you’d have to relax your requirements… either the iOS part (using a Web browser, Android, etc) or the Windows part (using virtualization, cloud services, a real Mac, etc).