Any firebase realtime DB plugin supported by capacitor?

I’m starting a new app and want to use several firebase capabilities like Auth, Realtime DB, etc… However, Seems like both “Firebase” and “FirebaseX” plugins are not supporting capacitor. The FirebaseX one is not listed on incompatibilities page, but github issue show that there are issues and author says he doesn’t plan to support capacitor.

For Auth there is a capacitor community plugin which I could use. But for Realtime DB there seems none yet? I know I could use the web SDK too, but that lacks offline persistency for Realtime Database, which I would need definitively.

Did anyone find a working realtime databse capacitor plugin yet or is working on one?

I don’t know if this is of any help, but the Firestore web SDK has offline persistence, see

Hi, thanks for the link, but according other, more hidden information which i found, this persistence only works until browser/session is closed. Once browser closes/app is killed, the data is no longer persistet. :frowning: