Any event afterPop()? not ionViewDidLeave()

Is there an event that fires afterPop ()? Because in my case the ionViewWiillLeave does not serve me.

I have a Page1 that pushes Page2 and sends it parameters.

This Page2 has an array with a binding to his template. If I do pop() and then enter otherwise to Page2, double the contents of the array because it seems to be not automatically cleaned when exiting.

Then I solved it by making an array.lenght = 0 inside ionViewWillLeave ().

This works fine if I navigate between Page1 and Page2, since the array is emptied out of Page2 and sent back from Page1 if I re-enter.

The problem with this is that I actually have a third Page, which is below Page2.

The scheme would be this:

Page 1 -------------------> Page 2 -----------------> Page 3
With parameters ------ With array----------------

When I navigate from Page2 to Page3, ionViewWillLeave () is executed and the array is cleaned. Then when we go back (from Page3 to Page2), the array is empty because obviously Page 3 does not return the contents of the vector as it does Page1. And so I have an empty Page2 template.

For this same thing I would need an event to run only after pop, to clean the array only when pop() is made from Page2, and it will not run whenever it is going to quit page hint.

Thank’s so much in advance!


I think it’s extremely problematic to rely on lifecycle events happening in any particular order. If Page2 is receiving data in the form of an array in its NavParams, it should overwrite any existing properties on willEnter with whatever is coming in in the NavParams. That way you have a single point of control.