ionVIewWillEnter are not trigger after pop the page in ionic3?

Hello to all,
I have pass the data to previous page data is properly sent but after pop ionViewWillEnter are not trigger and i also using ionViewDidEnter but it is working?
ionViewWillEnter() {

 	   //used for pass the data into another pag
      	self.navCtrl.getPrevious().data.selectedCategoryId  = self.selectedCategoryKeyId;

That is unmaintainable spaghetti. Use mutually injected service providers or NavParams for exchanging data amongst pages instead.

sir what is spaghetti?

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The last words from the roman empire, before it wents under. sir what is spaghetti?
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As rapropos said: There a 2 common ways passing data to a page. As NavParams or with a provider.

Imho, if you want collect data from different pages, that should be used from an other page, it personnally will prefer a shared provider. In a life cycle hook you canb update your page.

Best regards from a galic village.

use “ionViewDidEnter” instead “ionViewWillEnter”

sir same result ionViewDidEnter not trigger after pop?

ionViewDidEnter run anytime you enter a page.
If its not work for you, you may doing something wrong

Worrying about which lifecycle event to use with this disastrous design is simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Write a service provider already.

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Sir in my case it will be trigger only once time?

Please add code of the 2 pages

  1. page you doing “pop()”
  2. page with “ionViewDidEnter”