[announce] Logger, an essential tool for app/plugin developers

Hey gang, I’m happy to announce the next in my series of essential plugins for Capacitor 3: Logger — better, universal logging for apps and plugins. If you are an app or plugin developer, you will want to check this out.


  • Does not attempt to monkey patch the Console interface, uses a separate Logger class.
  • Set a log level — including silent — for the logger.
  • Completely filter out logs based on the log level.
  • Logs are not part of Capacitor’s output, you get your own distinct tag.
  • Customize the log labels, including using emoji. :grin:
  • Send logs to the system log on iOS, so you can view a production app’s logs on any device using Console.app. :tada:
  • Instantiate multiple loggers.
  • Logger class is available for use by native plugins and apps! :rocket:
  • Detailed documentation and example code.

Plugin is here: GitHub - aparajita/capacitor-logger: Better logging for Capacitor
Demo app is here: GitHub - aparajita/capacitor-logger-demo

Enjoy! :pray:


macOS Console.app


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