Animations on Ionic View iOS

Hi, I’m trying to implement some animations Polyfill library.

I have used this tutorial

If I try this on ionic serve --lab the animations works fine on ios, android an windows platform, also on Android emulator but If I try the app on Ionic View app (IOS 10.2.1) the animations not start.

What would be wrong?(I used master version of library)


Someone can help me? Any way to implement animations, working on iOS, on ionic2?

I have the same problem, but no solution sadly.

Never mind - found the solution here:

Hi mrbase

Which was the problem? Your link i about the same author oy my initiali link and follow the same steps to make animations.


my problem was not including the ployfill, after including it my transitions worked

I,ve also included the pollyfill library and still not working on iOS and ionic view.

Did yoy tried on ionic view on ios?

Yes i did after including the pollyfill no more problems (with that)