Animation on every slide


Hi all! I am new to ionic and I would kindly like to ask for your help.
I am building a presentation in IONIC 2 using the slides. In every slide I use animations to present the data (title slide in, graphs fade in etc). My problem is that the animation works only in the first slide. When I swipe to the rest no animation plays.

Below is a sample of my code

    <div class="slideContent slideBacBlack">
        <div class="slide0Verbs">
            <div class="slide0descr animated fadeIn"><img src="images/ola-0-descr.png"></div>
            <div class="slide0Title"><img src="images/ola-0-title.png"></div>
        <div class="slide0Photo animated fadeIn"><img src="images/ola-0-img.png"></div> 

Thanks a lot in advance!