Angularjs filter and ng-repeat duplicate first result

I have a problem with filters in AngularJS. Filter an array according to a parameter that gets me by url, eg an array of offers to choose a category appear only offers that category:

.controller('OfertasCategoria', function($scope, $stateParams, OfertasService, CategoriasService, $filter) {
    $scope.categorias = $filter('filter')(CategoriasService.getCategorias(), {id: $stateParams.id_categoria}, true)[0];
    $scope.ofertas = $filter('filter')(OfertasService.getOfertas(), {id_categoria: $stateParams.id_categoria}, true)[0];

To display the results I use ng-repeat:

<ion-item ng-repeat="oferta in ofertas" href="#/app/ofertas/{{}}" class="item item-thumbnail-left">

The filter applies but only displays the first item that coicide and repeated several times.

Have you any idea which may be due?

It looks like your asking the filter to only return the first item, try removing the [0] at the end of each filter statement