Ng-repeat filter crashes if array is empty

I am trying to filter a ng-repeat within a scroll box based on a users value, but if the array is empty, the page crashes. I want all users with value 1 to be in one slide, value 2 in another etc.

If there is an object in the array with value === 1, then there’s no problem, but as soon as there is no object with the correct value, then the page crashes.
I would like to have a text like: “No users with value 1”

<ion-slide> <div class="item item-avatar" ng-repeat="item in items | filter: filter1"> <img ng-src="{{item.imgSrc}}"> <h2>1{{item.username}}</h2> </div> </ion-slide>

$scope.filter1 = function(item){ if (item.status === '1'){ return true; } else{ return; } };

The objects in the array looks like this:
imgSrc: "placeholder.png"
status: "1"
username: “username”

How can i solve this problem?