Angular trix


Hi. I found a new wysiwyg in github: trix. It even has a Angular-directive.

I tried this editor to embed in my Ionic app. But it doesnt work like all other editors.

This editor is of a different kind. Can somebody help me with this???


can u please provide a codepen


Works fine for me.

Are you sure you…

  1. Imported the trix.js script AFTER the Ionic scripts?
  2. Imported the angular-trix AFTER the trix.js scipt?
  3. Imported the angularTrix module into your app module?


Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply. I would be happy if this works.

I tried your plunker. In chrome there are some features that don’t work:

  • Italic
  • ordered and unordered lists
  • indents

In my app I put the scripts and css in the right place I see in the source tab in chrome these files are all loaded.
All works like the plunker except for the images in the toolbar are not shown.
On a real device or emulator if You have a view with a text inout and a trix-editor you can’t get the focus on the trix-editor.

Maybe this has to do with I’m using the trix-editor in a template???


Hi, I see some of you have tried the trix text editor…
Im new to angularjs and trying to use it.
I got everything up, linking the angular-trix.js into my project.
After setting the trix text-editor in my html file
<trix-editor angular-trix ng-model="activity.description"></trix-editor>
I cannot get the content from $scope.activity.description


I have same problem. I also cannot get the content from angular-trix. How did you solve this problem?