Angular router child routes not working

I’ve switched my app over from ion nav to the Angular router now, but i’m having problems with child routes and routes not being recognised.

I want to move some pages from the app routing module and into my tabs routing module, but when i move them the routes aren’t recognised - whether i declare them as child routes or not. They’re the ones at the bottom of the app module. They’re all accessed via the homepage (my tab page) so they don’t need to be in the app routing module.

I’m still getting my head around Angular and the router, so any help would be massively appreciated - the app has a really long load time currently.

Create a repo with minimal code to show how your app is structured, I don’t think what you have above is enough (plus images of code reduce search capability of your question in case someone may have a similar issue).
Any one who wants to help has no idea how your routing is structured all the way down to the children pages you are trying to go to.

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Thanks for the advice, i’ll get one set up