Ionic Vue vue-router children routing issue

I am encountering vue-router not working correctly for child paths.

Here is a link to my repository with an example.
ArtBoguslavskiy/ionic-router-redirection-problem (

To see the problem you need to open any of the links on tab1 first. Then open tab2 and tab3 in any order and then go back to tab1 and you will see /tabs/tab1/tab1-detail1 or /tabs/tab1/tab1/tab1-detail2 outlined page depending on the link you selected earlier, although you are actually on /tabs/tab1/tab1-detail

My task is to redirect to the main tab1 page going from tab2 and tab3. And as I understand the routing worked fine but the page rendering breaks.

And I can’t quite figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

I don’t believe you should have children routes under tab1. You should be using “Shared URLs” instead.

A read through the Ionic Vue documentation on routing might be helpful as it’s a little different than a normal Vue project - Vue Navigation: Use Ionic + Vue Router to Create Multi-Page Apps.