Angular 2 - DatePipe fails in Ionic View App

I am building an app using Ionic 2 and Angular 2, right now I only run ionic serve in my local, and use ionic upload then running Ionic View on my Iphone 6 plus as for testing.

Thanks for the Ionic team, everything works fine even with my own components and pipes.

My app runs smooth in my local, but when I upload it to Ionic View, whenever I used DatePipe in the View of my component, everything after that line will not be showing (probably failed loading).

Any format or even without format will fail in the Ionic View App
{{ birthday | date }}
{{ birthday | date:‘yMMMMd’}}

Right now I implemented a simple custom Pipe to overcome this ( as I just need a very simple format ) and it is working again in both local and Ionic View.

My question is, is it I missed any reference in my code? (It runs well in my localhost)
Also, is there anyway I can debug or help about this kind of things?

Thanks a lot


There are some issues with the DateForm pipe on Angular’s side. Right now it only works on Chrome and Opera. From Angular:

WARNING: this pipe uses the Internationalization API. Therefore it is only reliable in Chrome and Opera browsers.
Formats a date value to a string based on the requested format.

Here is an issue that is tracking it:

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Hi @benedictchan,

It is not related to your question, but have you installed ionic-platform-web-client to your Ionic 2 app before doing ionic upload?

Thanks a lot, that explains as I am using Chrome for my localhost.

Hi @icarus_31 ,

No I haven’t and I don’t even notice there’s a tools like this. As I was just reading only the ionic 2 start up guide…
Will have a look into it, thanks a lot.