Angluarjs lib folder path

I have a question about angluarjs lib folder path, that is why angluarjs lib files in the ionic lib folder? Can anybody help me?


Bower can be a bit of a pain sometimes :disappointed:

So you should be able to just ignore that if you’re referencing ionic.bundle.js
This is an example of how bower will handle a dependency’s dependencies

first thanks for you mean ionic is dependency special version of angular,but other (like angular-google-chart) is dependency anthor angularjs version? so my dream folder path is not possible(in picture).

i like folder is clear. :disappointed:


Honestly, you don’t even need to worry about that directory too much.

If you are referencing ionic.bundle.js (which includes angular 1.3.8, ui-router 0.2.13, and ionic) and then reference angular-google-chart, everything will work fine.

The directory structure doesn’t really matter too much.

ok thanks very much.