Android viewport height bug


Ok i have this problem and it’s cracking my head… I will explain it with some screenshots.

  • It is a fullscreen web app.
  • This is my app homescreen. For testing purpose i have made a input type text ( with a red border )
  • I have set the homepage background color on landscape mode to green. As you can see on the second screenshot

Now when i focus the input and type something. It is working perfectly. Only when i minimize the app while i am focused in the input field i get this weird viewport problem when i get back into the app. The browser then think’s it is in landscape mode because of the height change i guess.

  • this only happens on android. ( ios keyboard is a overlay keyboard )

Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix/reset this?



Does this happen once you compile a native app?


I don’t know. I will have to test it. Out project requires to stay with a webapp tough.