Android Talkback element focus issue


Working on application that supports accessibility. Using application in browser with talkback enabled, I can navigate to the elements by swiping right, but if page has more elements below the current screen view, focus is not properly moving to the next element beyond the current view and also if you scroll (with 2 fingers) when focus is on certain element, screen properly scrolls , but elements focus border stays in the same position. It only happens in Android, in iOS it works fine (focus border moves along with element). Also, if I try to do the same without ionic in android it works. Not sure this issue is specific to ionic or not. I have created a small app to reproduce the issue.



I just started writing app with Ionic 2 and built a weatherApp following the example given in Visual Studio. Talkback does not seem to work at all. Did you get any response with your question?