Ionic with VoiceOver IOS

I am having issues with Ionic and the VoiceOver on ios. Basically when you change pages the focus of the voice over is focused on the nearest element to the location it was on the last screen, rather than the top of the screen. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi, were you able to solve this issue? I’m with the same problem. I tried a lot of solutions, like disable animations, change css, etc. But none one helped to solve this issue.

Still have not found any solution to it, just had to do some hacky work arounds and redesign some pages. The problem is particularly bad with modals, and I have noticed android has its own separate issues. It would be good if this issue would be fixed, or at least some documentation on how to change focus of elements within Ionic (native methods like getElementByID(‘abc’).focus() don’t seem to work)

I found a solution for this problem. This website helped me ( .
Its a hacky method but it works like a charm. Now I’m able to set focus in whatever element I want and VoiceOver goes to there, like magic.

The code that I used was:

setVoiceOverFocus(element) {
  let focusInterval = 10; // ms, time between function calls
  let focusTotalRepetitions = 10; // number of repetitions

  element.setAttribute('tabindex', '0');

  let focusRepetitions = 0;
  let interval = window.setInterval(function() {
    if (focusRepetitions >= focusTotalRepetitions) {
  }, focusInterval);