Android Rendering Woes (Blurry) pre-5.0 only

I’m dealing with an issue right now beta testing an Android app. I’m using a modified version of ion-swipe-cards, but the CSS is generally the same. It seems to be related to css transitions. Here’s what the page should look like:


…and here’s what I occasionally see on Android (pre-5.0 only so far):


I’ve seen it happen on a OnePlus One with Android 4.4.4, and also on several Genymotion images all with 4.x or earlier.
On Android 5.0+ I have not seen the issue, nor have I seen it on iOS or in the browser.

It isn’t super hard to reproduce, but I guess it is going to be a bit difficult to nail down a fix for it. When the view is garbled like this, it can sometimes be fixed by navigating away and back again, or in this case by swiping the card to expose a new one – but it isn’t a consistent fix.

Similar issues:

I’d love to hear any suggestions on workarounds. Investigating…

I filed an issue on ionic-swipe-cards github, and self-resolved it – well I found a workaround at least. Hope it helps someone out there.

Hmm would you be able to provide a codepen similar to what you had setup? I could load it on my older android device and test it out

I’ll try to set this up.