Blurry views while loading on android device

Hello everyone,

I am experience a very weird bug difficult to reproduce and to debug.
In my app while navigating from one screen to the other sometimes I get a very blurry preview of the page before it gets completely rendered. This only happens on android device (nexus 5), not on iphone, nor emulators, nor browsers.

Has this happen to you too? Is it possible to do something about it? What do you think can cause this?

Please any tip on how to diagnose this would be very useful. Thank you very much.

Is this built with Crosswalk (I’m assuming not)? Or just regular Cordova

No crosswalk, regular cordova.
I understood Crosswalk made sense for devices with android < 4.4 (mine is 5.0.1 i think)
You think it could change anything? Perhaps I should i try it

I would give it a try if you want. It IS still in a very beta stage. There are only a few cordova plugins that are compatible with it (since it uses the newest cordova 4) so make sure that you won’t have conflicts there. But if it works for you then awesome! And I’d honestly say the more efficient the better no matter what the platform. I’m doing some more research to see if I can find any rendering cases of things that are similar. It might honestly just be your device screen as well, if the refresh rate isn’t where it needs to be for some reason with the web view, it could definitely cause a type of blur across the screen. i’ll keep you posted here

I’m seeing a similar issue, and I posted a separate forum post : Android Rendering Woes (Blurry) pre-5.0 only