Android project is not compiled at Android Studio because of gradle inconsistency

Time to time I open a building project at Android Studio to run and debug a custom plugin. Implicitly, from time to time I receive Gradle errors because of version inconsistency. I began to understand that they use different gradles of different versions. Help me to run the build android project from Android Studio.

Now I am receiving such a message:
Unsupported method: TaskExecutionResult.getExecutionReasons().
The version of Gradle you connect to does not support that method.
To resolve the problem you can change/upgrade the target version of Gradle you connect to.
Alternatively, you can ignore this exception and read other information from the model.

Android Studio shows that it uses the gradle configuration from the generated It shows distributionUrl=

Ionic has installed at the project directory .gradle/6.1.1
It highlights that different versions are utilized.

@victor-shelepen Find the following file in the project: build.gradle and share the value in the property: classpath

Also search for: buildToolsVersion and check which version it indicates.

classpath ‘’

It seems I do not understand how Gradle, gradle-wrapper works. It seems I have a few of them. Global, for ionic, and in the Android, the project assembled.

It seems I still use global/shared Gradle. The issue was the Gradle manipulate with Manifest.xml and can not resolve some data. So I removed minSdk, maxSdk from Manifest.xml, synced Gradle files at Android Studio, run compilation from Android Studio, it passed successfully.


Awesome, dear @victor-shelepen
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